Crm and Loyalty

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Customer relationship management(CRM)

We help you create a customer relationship management (CRM) program to identify and retain customers and capitalize on brand relationships.It costs significantly more to acquire new guests than to bring repeat guests back to your restaurant.

Therefore, CRM and loyalty programs play an important role in turning new or infrequent diners into loyal guests. Restaurant guests not only expect an exceptional dining experience, but also to be recognized for loyalty to the brand. This requires restaurants to recognize loyal guests on every visit and provide them special attention and offers as soon as they enter your restaurant. If your guest’s expectations are met, it leads to a larger share of wallet and continued brand loyalty.


Your business needs the right tools, but deciding which systems and processes are right for you, and which are just window dressing, is an overwhelming task.

Shivintech helps you not only create and implement a strategy for CRM and loyalty, but also choose the technology that is right for your business and successfully implement the solution and new processes.


Define your CRM strategy to align with your business goals


The goals of your CRM program by identifying your customers, segmenting them into targetable groups and then targeting them with messages that matter to them.


Gathering information about your guests’ dining habits and frequencies helps you understand your customers beyond the obvious benefit of improving your loyalty program. Using guest context information to provide a personalized dining experience enhances your guest’s experience and increases their loyalty. Even with your CRM philosophy defined and objectives established, there’s a lot of work to be done to build and deploy an effective CRM program.

We help you design a winning strategy to understand your guests and develop profitable relationships that lead to brand advocacy, repeat business and an increased average ticket size,With a proper customer relationship strategy in place, your business can deliver the dining experience your guests expect.


Select the best CRM application to meet your guest and business needs

There are many CRM options to choose from and matching the right technologies with your business requires the correct due diligence, an understanding of your distinguishing requirements and knowledge of leading CRM technologies and capabilities.


Our expert advice enables you to select the ideal real-time CRM technologies and evaluate CRM vendors on how well they meet your criteria, including, but not limited to:

  • Is it designed for the unique needs of your restaurant segment?

  • How easy is it to use and train employees?

  • How customizable is the software?

  • Does it include all, or most, of the features you require?

  • How easy is it to integrate with other solutions?

  • How to migrate to a new loyalty program structure

  • What is the total cost of the software including any setup or additional fees?

  • What type of security features does it have to protect your business and guest data?

Successfully implement essential CRM technologies

When implementing your CRM technology, we help define business process flows, manage vendors and direct the project to a timeline and budget. We work with your team throughout the planning, design and development, testing and final implementation to ensure a seamless and successful outcome.


Your CRM program is an integral part of your business success. Our experts are there for you throughout the entire CRM strategy, selection and implementation process to help you understand the best way to achieve a 360-degree view of your guests in real-time, how to segment guests and develop campaigns to generate interest and activity, and how to determine the right loyalty program reward structure for your guests.