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Shivintech offers a wide range of ITSM consulting and implementation services for businesses of any size and industry. We help companies tune their IT processes in line with their business’ wants and needs.


Shivintech’s ITSM consultants:

Provide ITIL consulting services, which means aligning ITIL best practices with our customers’ needs.

  • Propose the most suitable solution for your problems based on platforms.
  • Customize the platforms to meet your business requirements.


Companies may face plentiful ITSM-related challenges. They can be general or specific. But regardless of that, we can help you tackle any of them, for instance:

Inefficiency of IT support across distributed business units

Giving a single view on the IT processes and infrastructure, an ITSM solution will speed up IT support processes across a distributed IT environment.

Complexity of monitoring vendors’ performance

Shivintech’s team can configure a vendor assessment functionality to make vendor evaluation and ranking easy, convenient and compliant with your company’s workflows. This way, you can benefit from a better monitoring and ensure a high quality of IT services you deliver to users.

Failure to manage multiple IT service vendors with different SLAs and overlapping areas of responsibility

Integrating your ITSM solution with those of your vendors’ as well as configuring Service Level Management functionality and creating different task workflows for different vendors can help your company successfully manage your cooperation with multiple vendors. With Shivintech’s ITSM knowledge, your company can deal with overlapping areas of responsibility through establishing systematic problem management and paying extra attention to finding the root cause.

Inability to assess IT employees’ performance

We can help you exploit IT employee performance information to measure KPIs for IT employees, assignment groups and regional units. It’ll make it easier to visualize performance trends and react to them.

Disorganization of Financial management for IT services

With Financial Management functionality integrated into your ITSM solution, you can gain visibility into IT service costs, make the sources of IT costs evident, and reveal whether they stay within budget.

Choosing between high IT service availability and cost effectiveness

By properly fine-tuning your ITSM platform functionality, our specialists can help your IT support eliminate service outages faster and work on preventing them. This will help you achieve both high IT service availability and cost effectiveness.

Difficulty in solving ITSM problems caused by merges and acquisitions

We can help you import users, groups, companies, departments and locations into your instance, which will enable you to manage merges and acquisitions in an easy and convenient way. In case you need the scope of merges or acquisitions to be more comprehensive, Shivintech can perform required migrations or integrations to create a balanced ITSM-ecosystem for your companies.



There are 4 major ITSM consulting models at Shivintech: one-time consultation, helping you to choose a platform, implementation services and ongoing improvements

  • One-time consultation

  • Choosing a platform

  • ITSM platform implementation

  • Ongoing improvements

One-time consultation

You show us your ITSM-related problem – we solve it. For instance:

  1. Your company needs to process changes caused by outsourcing or insourcing particular IT services. Shivintech can perform needed integrations between the ITSM solutions of different IT departments, configure your Service Level Management and implement different workflows for different service units.
  2. Your IT support is suffering from a low user satisfaction rate. Our ITSM consultants can help you enhance users’ satisfaction by revealing the potential of service portals and Knowledge Management or setting up satisfaction surveys.

Choosing a platform

Once you choose to introduce ITIL practices and ITSM approach into your company’s processes, we’ll help you decide on the right platform to achieve your goals with. At first, we clarify your requirements. After that, we assess a number of platforms and identify the product that will meet your needs and requirements best.

ITSM platform implementation

If you’ve come as far as adopting a particular ITSM system but you aren’t satisfied with its out-of-the-box functionality, we can customize it so that it meets your requirements.

Ongoing improvements

The fine-tuning of IT services is a continuous process, which is why it’s common to work in cycles to identify weak spots and eliminate them. Using this four-phase course of action, we can help you improve your IT services on a constant basis.


While providing IT service management consulting, Shivintech mainly applies two ITSM platforms.

If you need a powerful platform for enterprise-level ITSM, consider ServiceNow.

If a lightweight platform for simple and cost-effective ITSM will do.


Do you want to solve your ITSM issues? Hit the Contact us button to get a free initial consultation. We’re always ready to talk business.