Product Code : 1110


SGPAY Payroll Software
Key Features

Suitable for Businesses of all sizes and Industries

Fully customizable and User-friendly

Store employee master data and documents

Payroll Processing


Attendance Management

Leave Management



Mobile Application for Android & Apple IOS

Secured access

Users and Roles

Approve/ Reject employee's data change

Store and view employees documents 

Company Employee Database
Shivintech uses a data-protected and encrypted secure web infrastructure and Secured employee database
Employee’s individual account to update their status/personal details
Instant access to profiles of every staff in company
Create users, departments, branches and assign user rights 
Special dashboard for directors with graphs & statistics of company Basic pay, overtime, Gender, Race and Age
Payroll status flow bar and directly reach out to the pending process element from the status bar
Clock-in Attendance with GPS based Location tracking.
Employee payroll user, leave and claim Management
Holiday Settings & User Management
Employee can change their personal datas when HR approve their request
Payroll Processing
Employee’s individual login to view payslip, payroll history
Employee’s view/print their payslips
Set approval level according to company’s hierarchy structure
Set allowances or deductions and OT from payroll easily
Two level of payroll approval
Itemized payslip
Online submit to Bank Giro,CPF, Bank report
Auto calculation of CDAC,SINDA,MBMF and ECF
Support for mobile devices
Employee’s individual web and mobile login for clock in/out
Employee’s individual real time mobile attendance
Daily and monthly attendance report
View employee clocking location information in the map
Employee can login and claim via Web and Mobile  
Employee can attach the receipt and summit to manager
Manager can check receipt and approve or reject the claim applications.   
Employee can view claim status and history
Email notification will be sent for claim approval and rejections.
Approved claims will be automatically updated into the payroll system.
Leave Management
Employee’s individual login for apply leave online.
Apply, view, approval or reject application in a single page control
View leave balance and apply leave.
Employee can attach MC or supporting doc and submit for approval.
Manager can check the leave and approve or reject the leave application.
Employee can view leave status and history.
Email notification will be sent for leave approval and rejections.
Manager can generate leave report for employee. 
Off-boarding process  
Employee can initiate resignation online and summit to HR followed by manager's approval 
Once Manager approved it will be sent it to HR with necessary companies’ checklist
This off-boarding process will automatically remove Finger print access from all door access system immediately from the cloud using API.
Restrict employee’s access-based shift basis.
Send alert to manager’s Handphone if any unauthorised user or intruders trying to access the Office door or Data centre doors.
Cloud system Will restrict Employee’ access into the sites during non-working days and certain non-working hours.
User and Group Permissions 
Common Grp - Default user group, Can view pay slip, apply leave, Claims. 
Team Lead - Can view team member and approve their leave and claims
Management - Manage dashboard and Team leads. Can't see and change common user rights
HR - create employee, user and group IDs
Payroll - Run entire Payroll process
Admin - Create, manage user ids and add in to groups